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Some organizations operate efficiently on a very lean Administrator headcount. If you don’t have the bandwidth today to hire a certified expert, then use P2P. Anything from building a few reports for a dashboard, building a process, to managing key setup components can be done from a menu of items.

Nothing is off limits. Based upon size and complexity you can piece together your needs, or ask our experts for the best approach for a given challenge.

       Don’t see your need here?  Just ask.

From Person Accounts to Approval Process stage tracking, we have seen and done a lot! There are so many layers to Salesforce that we can’t capture them in one list. Therefore, let us know your specific needs and we’ll deliver. Just like that pizza you ordered, we’ll bring it hot and ready to your door.

Common Components:

  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Users/Profiles
  • Roles & Sharing
  • Page Layouts
  • Custom Objects
  • Fields & Formulas
  • Workflow
  • Documenting Processes 

Packaged Services

On Demand services are one way of “Giving you a fish.”

Combine these services together with Training and you will drive adoption much quicker. If you want to get from Here –> to –> There, we can give you what you need today, but let’s “Teach you how to fish” long-term!

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