Release It

Get Ahead

You get upgrades 3 times a year. Are you taking advantage of all of the complimentary features that are given to you?  Being part of the Salesforce ‘Ohana’ is a true advantage against competitors.

If you don’t have the time to review release notes and understand the impacts of upgrades for your organization, we can help navigate through the ocean of information. If you are feeling behind the releases, set a strategy today to get months ahead of new features.

Our experts are in-the-know with roadmap considerations and know our clients’ needs as partners in your long-term success. Consider these strategies to partner with P2P.

  • Next Release Analysis
  • Critical Update Diagnostics
  • Annual Release Partnership (next 3 releases)


Let’s give your users the fun, exciting, new and useful updates that upgrade in Spring, Summer, and Winter each year.

Stay Ahead

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