Before the world of Trailhead, becoming Certified was the only way to show a colorful Salesforce logo on your profile proving that you had obtained the knowledge and had proven yourself as an expert. Years ago, there were only a few certifications as well. In today’s world, free learning about hundreds of Salesforce concepts and specialties is everywhere (The most important being Trailhead of course)!

In our humble opinion (with many schools of thought out there) becoming officially certified is an icing-on-the-cake type of credential that proves an Admin, Developer, Specialist, or Architect, etc. obtains the knowledge in a time-sensitive and tested environment. Officially certified experts in the marketplace are strategically gearing their careers around the Salesforce platform and they have put money on the line to take the exam(s) to prove their knowledge. Certified experts are more likely to hold excellent positions at companies and be some of the best consultants out there. Check out our credentials today (LINK TO WHY P2P)

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Learning is free, what’s the point of certification?

We are glad you asked about the value of these certifications. For starters, each test is typically $200 or $400, so if you are going to take an exam on your own dime, make sure you study up and seek out practice exam questions. You can see exam categories and even weighting of those categories if you dig far enough. Doing this on your employer’s dime, excellent. Schedule it today, but still expect to do some home study/practice to pass on your first attempt. At the end of the day, resumes are still important and a certification seems to have a little more weight to some positions, even some salaries, so that $400 might just add another zero to the equation sometime soon after a certification (+ $4,000 is always nice!… No guarantees here (our humble opinion), but the positions are out there that are paying well!)

Even though learning is free on Trailhead, most modules come in doses of 3 questions at a time. These quizzes or challenges are ‘open-book’ with the learning content housed right by your questions. Practice exercises are a different story on Trailhead, but until an expert gets into the programmatic development and architecture ranks with scenario exercises, ‘closed-book’ exams in a monitored testing environment make these credentials highly valuable and carry a competitive weight to them. Get certified.