Are you an Administrator, Developer, Architect, Declarative Master, Analyst, Button-Click Something, Evangelist, Programmatic Champ, Engineer…? It’s up to you. Salesforce would probably say that you are a Trailblazer.

The term, “Admin” especially for those part-time accidental admins who have turned their skills into a full-time career by continuing to learn/innovate are the most common folks who struggle to define their Salesforce role. At the end of the day, the person who is driving Salesforce forward has a strategic position that can impact the bottom line at an organization by creating efficient processes and high performing solutions.

Why is your place in all of this so powerful? Because we are all a part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. After a few years of early adopters migrated to the cloud at the turn of the century, a majority of organizations have followed suit, moving some or all critical IT systems to cloud based systems like Salesforce CRM. The demand for cloud experts has grown exponentially due to Salesforce’s industry leadership and whatever your role, well-defined or not, you are a valuable asset to your organization and any future employers down the road.

So what are you? Just keep blazing the trail.

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But come on, at least give me a definition:

Although you or your peers may fall into numerous categories, we would define the most common roles with these general descriptions:

  • Administrator – Not afraid to clean up data at the ground level, enforce standards for others to follow, build declarative processes, do reporting/analytics on-the-fly, and communicate in real-time with end users. Many Admins have an official title of Business Analyst within their respective companies, but they do so much more than just analyze the business!
  • Developer – Makes things happen behind the scenes. These folks make a 10-step manual button pushing/data collection process down to an efficient stream of 2-3 clicks. Declarative skills are very relevant and are typically done in the Setup area of your org. Programmatic skills are used by those that know how to build APEX code, Visualforce/Lightning Pages, and they deploy it from environment to environment
  • Consultant – High energy, best-practice driven individuals who can help you get there faster. They connect the human and technical sides, do some grunt work, drive the initiative forward, and think strategically throughout all efforts.
  • Architect – These champs have scaled the mountain from numerous sides and know how to do the nitty gritty as well as build a complicated org that meets all criteria from scratch. Watch out for these folks, they are the pros and usually have seen/done it all. Lean on them for expertise and enjoy the high scope projects if you are lucky to be involved with them on projects.
  • Trailblazer – Anyone that is in the Salesforce community that is actively engaged. That’s you.