Have you ever lived in a really great apartment? It doesn’t matter if it’s a 100-story high-rise that looks over the twinkle of a city, or a 2-story building in a rural, po-dunk town… It’s nice to have a great apartment. The landlord covers all of your needs. (If you currently live in a house, simply rewind a few years. Think back to the best apartment you ever had, even if your idea of table decorations were old pizza boxes. Think, facilities and landlord relationship.)

Multitenancy is just like living in that fancy apartment. Instead of spending money on servers, upgrades, maintenance and all of the nickels & dimes that come with on premise technology, Salesforce’s cloud architecture is the multitenancy magic that makes your CRM Lightning fast and convenient. Trust and security are always top priority, therefore no one has access to your part of the building, only you have the keys, but you get all of the benefits of these shared resources. Did we mention 3 guaranteed upgrades a year? And oh yea, the people next door are your Ohana. They are family and if you reach out for help, they are eager to meet in shared spaces to help you solve any problem. What a great living space!

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Let’s talk about those neighbors. Every organization has someone who worries about the neighbors, we get it, we have had bad neighbors before (in a physical structure, not in the cloud!). It’s terrible to wake up at 2 AM in the morning to a techno thump, wind chime mix, and 17 of your neighbor’s closest friends doing the cha cha slide above your bedroom. You may have joined the party a few days ago, but tomorrow morning, you have an 8 AM presentation with the executives…

…Ok, let’s cha cha slide two steps back. Your techno loving neighbor can never be heard whether you are located above/below, just adjacent, or across the hall from them. Trust is #1 at Salesforce and based upon Organization ID’s (all unique), no org’s information spills into another org. Access and identity management are very impressive and Salesforce has pioneered the cloud industry. There are many reasons why they are the #1 CRM in the world. You can access more technical resources about these topics here.


Therefore, multitenancy is a wonderful thing in the 21st Century. It is a key element and building block of what Marc Benioff has coined, the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution.’ Living in the Midwest, we are fortunate enough to own/live in modest homes, but when it comes to technology, we will never go back to our brick and mortar approach. It all needs to live in the cloud. We are happy to join our neighbors in the apartment! Multitenancy with partners that you trust is the only way to do business and remain competitive.