We pledge 1% of our time, product, and profits to worthwhile causes. It’s simple, Salesforce’s 1-1-1 model is positively impacting communities around the globe through countless community service hours, monies and benefiting non-profit CRM solutions everywhere. Time and money are easy to understand for most people, whether they are a Salesforce customer or not. Product is a unique item for Salesforce customers and this is where SFDC and their partners step up to the plate. Upon the last glance at http://pledge1percent.org/ we see that over 2,750 companies in 60 countries have taken the 1% pledge.

After attending numerous Dreamforce conferences, we have seen how Salesforce puts their money where their mouth. They regularly raise millions of dollars of funds (HIV/AIDS, hurricane relief, to name a few) and drum up excitement about local community volunteering efforts. Involvement by customers, admins, developers, end users, and anyone in the Salesforce Ohana is a key piece of culture that makes Salesforce such a special company. 1-1-1 is contagious. If you are a business owner or C-suite executive, make the 1% pledge today! http://pledge1percent.org/why-pledge.html

Word count: 179. No extras here. Stop reading and take the pledge.