Salesforce keeps Trust front and center. Without trust there is nothing. In fact, all it takes is one visit to and you can see that they take this stuff seriously. Co-Founder, Parker Harris, is quoted as saying, “Nothing is more important to our company than the privacy of our customers’ data”. CEO Marc Benioff backs this up with his leadership and has even called out Silicon Valley innovators when they haven’t kept a high standard of trust with their own people, values, and of course, customer data.

To us, this is much like a marriage. It’s a covenant relationship that is upheld and honored at all times. If you want to check out the ‘vows’ of Salesforce in this marriage with their customers, you can dive deeper into System Status, Security, and Compliance on the Trust website. Knowing your instance number (URL prefix if you do not have My Domain enabled) helps you easily see if the server(s) your information resides on is up for maintenance, or (very rare) has had a service disruption. If you are a new customer or have a well-established CRM, become familiar with Salesforce’s #1 value of Trust.

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A marriage. That’s right. You and Salesforce have a great marriage up in the clouds. You have agreed to share information with each other, but they will not give it out to others. They have the ring to prove it and proudly display relevant certificates that prove their loyalty to meeting the standards that are important to you. You can see all of these compliance certifications displayed which highlight their commitment to global markets and industry specific customers as well. For example in the US, health information and the patient-provider relationship is honored through meeting HIPAA standards. In the Financial Services industry, Sarbanes Oxley and payment card information is appropriately managed (SOC-1 ,-2, -3, PCI DSS).

We have worked with customers who need to ensure that their data is housed only within the continent and does not go ‘off-shore’. Logging a case, and gathering the information was easy, Salesforce security experts spoke to the case, solved it, and documented what was needed. We could go on, but of course you can check these out yourself. You can ask P2P to partner with you in getting these items covered even before you implement the platform. We have worked with many clients that need to know all the details of Trust (rightly so!) before they build the foundation of a successful CRM. Let’s partner together, and make sure Trust is strong.

From the Engineers “Trust is a combination of security, availability, and performance. It’s a living promise, always evolving and being improved on to meet the challenge of new technology and changing conditions.”