Salesforce’s secret competitive sauce can be wrapped up in a five-letter acronym that guides their daily decisions and long-term strategic endeavors. What’s the sauce? Their V2MOM. No, this isn’t just relying upon Mom’s infinite wisdom in all things like what to wear on picture day or to remember to take deep breaths before entering the boardroom to sell an idea… The first Salesforce V2MOM was created in 1999 and it shares the most important Visions, Values, Methods, Obstacles, and Methods for success. Writing this down and getting it up in front of others, talking about the V2MOM and keeping it core to daily decisions is what makes this a powerful tool. So why is a V2MOM different? It bucks the corporate trend of having a simple go-to tagline or Mission Statement, it goes deeper, especially in that “MOM” area and lets you show vulnerabilities. It gives a company or person a path for overcoming those Obstacles for success. Think about it, what’s your V2MOM? How can you incorporate sharing your Obstacles with others in a healthy way? Write it down, talk about the path to success, collaborate on those Methods with others, and Measure your success from day 1.

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Intrigued? Dive deeper:

V2MOM is a management philosophy. You can check out the very first V2MOM written by founder and CEO, Marc Benioff on the Salesforce blog. One of the last items on the list says, “We are all rich.” If we think about for-profit businesses as a whole, why wouldn’t that be on the list of Measures that every single company strives to obtain?! That’s not just a small business owner idea, that’s a humongous shared statement saying ‘we’. Everyone that has been around at Salesforce for more than 5 years has seen significant growth and I’m sure they have reaped great financial rewards in the process. The equality of pay for gender, color, disability, etc. is amazing to see and it shows in the positive attitudes, drive and determination of their workforce. It is infectious and a lot of the culture of Salesforce is also guided by V2MOM. So isn’t it time? Get started and write one up for your company, your department, your own personal wall at home. We will help keep you accountable in this community. Share it with someone, share it with us. Heck, even share it with Mom.

The P2P V2MOM is rather simple:

  • Vision– Wow! our clients with powerful solutions
  • Values– Stay true to the core of Salesforce’s intended design
    -Midwest (Silicon Prairie) work ethic
  • Methods– Gather feedback on every project
    -Partner with community experts when needed
  • Obstacles– There are only 24 hours in every day
    -Right sizing projects to keep our development lean, efficient & affordable
  • Measures– 5-star rankings for executing our plan from Point to Point
    -Clients seek P2P first for their Salesforce solutions

We build solutions that ‘Wow!’ our partnering clients. We take complex problems, redesign them with simplicity in mind and apply the power of Salesforce. This allows your end users to use, managers to manage, admins to admin and P2P to be your resource to make it happen.